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How to Earn extra money from home

Work from Home
In the following thorough article I will explain the way I use to earn extra money online.
I will pour out all of the details, explaining exactly what I do - take it or leave it.

The "method" I use can be a way to earn extra money or a way to change your day job completely and live off this method by earning more than enough to live from.

I am no "guru" and am not selling anything, I am just a programmer which searched for the best way to earn moeny online for about 7 years now!!, and only the last year I finally found the one good way to do it and earn thousands of dollars each month, please note that about 6 years I managed to scratch just about 100$ per month till I found this way which I use to earn about 3000$ per month and counting.

This is the "Index" of my article with the main points I will write about:
  • Earning money as an affiliate
  • Doing it the wrong way
  • My Personal Story
  • Who earns online ?
  • Earning money the right way
  • Detailing the way I earn money exactly step by step
  • Summary and Final Thoughts

So let us begin:

Earning money as an affiliate

Become an Affiliate and Earn the big bucks

I won't say there is only one way to earn money online, but for me the simplest one I found was to work online as an affilate.
Affiliate marketing is a term of a person selling a product he doesn't own, and earning a percentage of the sale.

One of the most famous affiliate programs is Amazon's affiliate program, they offer about 7% of any sale you will direct to their site, so lets say you have a big mailing list of about 10,000 people and you refer them to an Amazon product you recommend which costs 100$ (using a special link you get from Amazon so they can know you referred the customers thus are entitled for your 7% of the sale), from your 10,000 faithful readers, 1000 readers go to that link to check that product, and from those 1000 only 40 people buy that product, still 40 people buying the 100$ product is 100 * 40 = 4000$ earned by Amazon because of you.
As you are entitled to 7% of these sales you will earn 7% * 4000$ = 280$

The good thing about being an affiliate marketer is that if several people aren't satisfied with the product, then they can refund it or whatever they want and it doesn't bother you at all.
You don't need to hold stocks of that product in a warehouse, you don't need to refund and lose money over shipment, you don't need to take care of shipment at all nor think about taxes or payment gateways etc - the good life of an affiliate marketer!

But still, you probably don't have a 10,000 reader email, right ?
And 7% isn't high enough :-(

So what can you actually do to earn more ?

I suggest not looking too much at Amazon's affiliate program as the percentage you can earn from each sale is low - and understandably so, because we are talking about PHYSICAL products, each one needs to be shipped and packaged, stored and be counted for, and above all else there is huge competition for each product so the seller's earning margin must be low so he can compete the other sellers.

So which affiliate program DO I suggest ?
I suggest staying in the affiliate marketing business, but selling a virtual product and not a real one, thus each additional product sold doesn't cost the seller any moeny (except for creating the initial product), so the seller can offer a much higher percentage of revenue to you as an affiliate of his (yes, I am talking about 30%-70% of earning from each sale).

So if for example you have that 10,000 readers list, and you pitch this product (online course for example) which costs 50$, and your gain from each sale is 50% then from those 40 people buying the product you will earn 40 * 25$ = 1000$ ! (now that is better)

Which affiliate programs do I suggest ?
I like using Clickbank as my affiliate program as they have lots of products under their belt and I have used them for several years now and they paid me a lot of money till now :-)

So let's sum it up:
  • Sign up to an affiliate program
  • The above affilate program should be selling virtual products
  • My recommendation is to use clickbank as your affiliate program

Now you only need to:
  • Build a website selling that virtual product
  • And people to get to your site

I won't delve into the grindy technical details of a domain name, hosting of the site, SEO details and a lot more, not because they aren't important, but just because they don't fit into this specific article (as each one of the above details should be fitted into it's own article), but basically, you can build a site wherever you want with whichever hosting you pick and just stick your product details there (more on that later).

How will you get people to your site - well, this is the million dollar question - which I will explain how to do in this article so keep reading as I am spilling all of the beans here!
In a nutshel - In order to get people to your site you will post articles into your site, which people will read and then they will click on your product in order to buy it.

What about SEO?
SEO - Search Engine Optimization is something I will teach you here to master (I will teach you only the first steps of it but you will read online and master) as your site should be google-friendly.

BUT this is biggest hurdle and people fall for bad SEO all of the time - I will explain what I mean in the next topic

Doing SEO the wrong way

Nooo, don't go to the wrong way ...

As you understand by now, the biggest problem is getting people to your site for free.
You can build the most beautiful site on the web but if nobody visits your site then all is in vain.

This is where people fail, many people try to earn a living online or at least make some extra cash online, most fail because they do it the wrong way  :-(

What is the wrong way ?
The wrong is trying to do "magic" to get people to your site, trying to get visitors without much work.

This is how it happens:
A guy finds his affiliate program
The guy builds a beautiful website
the guy is now tired of the work he did till now and so he searches for ways to get people to his site
The guy writes on google something like "how to get visitors to my site"

The guy finds lots of so-called "gurus" proclaiming they have the best and quickest way to get people to the guy's site and so he is tempted to pay only 47$ in the good scenario, 97$ per month in the worse scenario, and then lots of money goes to the guru, lots of work for the affiliate marketer with partial results which can give him just enough hope to continue paying the guru while earning nothing to some minor amount not justifying the work and money spent.

And then the guy's site gets penalized by google for using a forbidden tactic, and all of his hard work and hard earned moeny goes for nothing.

Usually those guys will try after some time an other guru or an other trick - all for nothing (or in my case for 100$ per month which don't justify the thousands of hours I worked till earning that amount not to mention all the moeny I threw out of the window)

Now you probably ask yourself - aha - what is the difference between my technique and all of the rest of the techniques which I proclaim not to work ?

Well, that is a good question, please read on as I am going to explain exactly how I do it (yes, I really earn about 3000$ per month now), with no bullshit attached.

To sum this chapter up:
The wrong way to get people to your site is to search online :-) as you will find many "trciks" and "gurus" bullshitting you, where you will spend lots of time and money while getting nowhere except being banned by the search engines for doing tricks and shticks.

My Personal Story

My Own Journey

About seven years ago I decided that the internet is a great place and that I could have a small bite of the internet revenues, it was a simple thought:
  • Billions of dollars are spent online monthly
  • I am a talented developer (Java and Web)
  • I am smarter than most of those people earning online
  • So I can earn a small bite (small bite from billions) which can enable me to work from home and stop being a dayjob worker for any other boss
  • Even if I fail to gain huge amounts of money and my bite in the world's revenues is really small - I can still earn some extra cash which can come in handy
Thus I began my search online:
  • How to build a site
  • Where should I build it
  • Different hosting plans at different companies
  • Domain names
  • Affiliate programs
  • SEO
  • How to trick the search engine
  • Rinse and repeat - if I build one site that earns only 5$ per month, I can then replicate it and build 200 sites like that one, earning 1000$ per month

The only thing I gained from the above is a huge amount of information about the whole site/dns/domain/hosting/seo scene. (which is great of course)
But I didn't earn nearly enough (100$/month at my peak).

What were my mistakes?
I was always on the search for quick gains
I tried to trick the system
I didn't focus long enough on any individual site, I replicated my sites too early
I wasted much too much time buying tools to do some bad job or even worse, I built several tools myself which as you know or not takes a lot of time!
I always looked for solutions which can get me a passive income, some magic trick where I could "fire and forget", build a cow and always take it's milk (apparently it doesn't work that way)

Which tools did I build/buy (which you totally shouldn't if you want my advice)?
  • Tools to get links to my site (yeah, shady tools) like comment posters on many different platforms
  • Tools to spin and put garbled text in my site (very bad practice, one which got me finally banned from google)
  • Many others, but most of them were of the two categories above

This sad story has a good ending though, as I stumbled upon a site explaining the right way of doing things (yes, all will be explained on the next chapters on this article, I am not hiding anything) and my head exploded, I understood all of my mistakes on that moment and knew I must scratch out all of my previous sites and failings and start anew with the right model leading the way.

Thus I have looked around to see, who is actually making money online ?

Who earns online ?

Real People Earn Real Money

In order to find the right way to earn online I looked around to see who DOES really earn online ?I was shocked to understand the very simple truth, most of the people earning online are dumb people!, yup, people who know nothing about SEO, know not a trick nor a guru, just plain straight people which started a site and did some hard work on it writing hundreds of posts in their blog or capturing hundreds of hours of youtube videos or many other hard working people.

So I asked myself, how come they earn so much and I with my 200 sites!!! (yup, I built over 200 sites over those 6 years) earned just 100$ per month !?  It just didn't make any sense.

That was when it dawned on me - my question was my answer!
The sophisticated people don't manage to earn much online, the simple people do

The REAL thing actually works, the single natural real site of that dumb person does better that my 200 sites (several times over), I am a very smart guy (especially in the internet ways), and I got trampled by people knowing close to nothing about the internet - WTF?

I felt like the rabbit which got beaten by the turtle.

What did I do wrong?

I created nothing real, I created no real value for my visitors, I didn't look for the best interest of my visitors I looked for the best way I can earn moeny from them.
It sounds like a small distinction but it encapsulates the whole deal for earning online.

And the smart search engines caught me every time and threw my sites down the search engine results grid over and over and over again.

The way to earn money is not to trick google
The way to really earn money is to create something with real value which google will find and will understand the real value of it, thus will put my site with its value on the top of its search results.

To sum up this paragraph:
The plain and simple sites which want to give their users real value earn the most online
The sites which try to trick google will never win (they might earn something small for a short amount of time but nothing will last)
The way to really earn extra cash online or even earn so much so you can change your dayjob is to put real value into your site, value which will benefit your users causing your site to be appreciated by users and search engines alike.

Earning money the right way

Yes, there IS a right way!

I want to finally specify the right way to earn lots of money online

I myself use it for a full year now and it works (3000$/month every month and counting).
As you probably figured if you read this far, I am talking about providing real content on your site, getting real people to read your good and quality content, getting them to trust you and buy your product.

The thing is google (and all of the major search engine follow google's lead) understood its mistake in giving precedence to sites with lots of links (although spammy) and with bad content, so google actually officially scratched out the imfamous google-pagerank and created new algorithms to define a page's quality, generally speaking google's new algorithm searches for the page's authority more than other factors.

So you want to be an internet authority on a specific subject, thus google will point people your way when they search for an authority which can give them good data about the subject you are an authority about.

How do you become an online authority ?
Warning: In order to become an authority HARD WORK is required, you won't be able to get where I am now without putting at least two hours a day.

In the next paragraph I will specify the actual details of the work you should put to get there, but I will write the steps you need to take now - in a nutshel

  1. Focus on only one niche/subject
  2. It should be a passion of yours or you might find yourself not wanting to put the time into the site
  3. Build a site about the niche you chose
  4. Do some keyword research
  5. Write an article every day
That's it (details on the next chapter).
I guarantee the following:
In 2-3 months you will get your first sale
In half a yearyou will get to a sale per day
In a year you will get to the 1000$-3000$ per month salary!

No need for any SEO voodoo
No need for social networks (althogh those might help)
No need for a mailing list (although it is advised)

Just write your post per day and you will get to the 3/6/12 months goals I specified above - I promise

Even without understanding the google internals, you can still understand the logic, you put good quality content online, you become an authority on your niche, google understands that you are an authority/expert in that niche thus google will point visitors to your site.


What is the exact recipe to doing the above? - read on!

Detailing the way I earn money exactly step by step

Step by Step Tutorial

  1. Find a niche which you feel comfortable in, you will write hundreds of articles about it so it really should be something you are passionate about.
    • The above "niche" is a subject you want to talk about, it should be broad enough so you will have enough content to write about, but it shouldn't be too broad or else you won't be specific enough for google to understand what sort of expert you are, for example instead of picking the animal niche which is way too broad, you should be more specific and pick something like rabbit training or even rabbit world where you will talk about rabbits, rabbit food, rabbit training or anything you think about.
  2. You must master keyword research - Keyword research means what are the words people put into the search engines and search for information with; You are looking for a search term which lots of people use but which doesn't have a tough competition - In a nutshel
    1. You will do keyword research for everything on your site, every post you want to write will title a good keyword (many searches but meager competition)
    2. The idea is that if for a specific keyword there isn't lots of competition, but there are lots of people searching for it, for example lets say that 15 people per day are searching for "inhouse rabbit training" and noone writes about it, then your post will get all of those people into your site, so now you got 15 visitors per day to your site, so if you have 100 posts like that (you will get to 100 posts in half a year max) then you got yourself 1500 visitors per day which is a lot!
      1. Tools I recommend for keyword research (both free)
  3. Internal SEO - I know I said SEO is bullshit but you should take some aspects of SEO into mind when building your site, like the actual links (permalink), some meta data, h1 tags, internal linking and putting the keywords in the first paragraph of the post you are writing - most aspects of SEO can be handled by wordpress if you choose to implement your site using that CMS, then install all in one SEO plugin and fill all of its fields for each post.
    • Suggested Tools: 
    • Wordpress installed on your own hosting with your own domain
    • All in one SEO plugin for the wordpress site
    • Actually there are many other plugins, but for starters begin with the above
  4. A Post every single day
    • Each post should be titled with a good keyword title
    • Meta data and category/tag names should be used
    • Each post should contain at least 500 words
    • Each post should promote an affiliate link or link to a post/page which promotes an affiliate link
  5. The page on the site promoting your main affiliate offer should contain a big 2000 words article, containing great information, this page should be linked from many other posts, this post should contain high quality content.
  6. You should spend at least two hours per day on your site, looking at what you can optimize, make better, upgrade-the-look-of in your site, in that time you will make the site active so make sure to answer each and every comment or email reachout. You can spend that daily time to read about your niche (making you smarter about the content of your site) or you might surf the web making you smarter about techniques to make your site better (for example look at the next bullet)
  7. Bonus things to do: Add an emailing list, Create your own eBook on your site, Create social accounts and be always active on them etc.

If I need to point to the two big things you should do on the site which will make the change then I will point to Keyword Research and an article (almost) each day.

Summary and Final Thoughts

Go for it!

In the above article I wrote about all of the aspects of earning money online: the good, the bad, my personal journey and the way I use to really earn a nice sum of money each and every month.
Just follow all of this article's leads, and especially the final chapter details, and you should do really well, no need for any other guru/utility/magic tool and so on.

That being said, I understand that although I failed in earning money in my first six years, I still did gain lots of knowledge which helped my final step to be worthwhile.

So my suggestion is that if you have all of the previous knowledge to follow my path I depicted in this article then please do, and there is (almost) no need to spend a dime to get to where I am.
But if you have much less knowledge, and many things I talked about are not sitting well in your mind I will suggest one program which can really help you.

Yes, you know I am totally against all of these programs etc, but this one is different, it is really good and it follows the right path and shows the right direction, no tricks included!

I am talking about Wealthy Affiliates - this is a membership site, targeted at novice to moderate internet users, it offers lots and lots of guidance in the form of one on one chats with lots of other users and experts, as well as so much content - they do it the right way and they are the only ones I can truly recommend (and yes, it is an affiliate link, but believe me when I say that my respect for them is unbiased).

The cost for their plan is about 49$/month, but if you need the knowledge, the courses they offer, the place to chat (getting instant answers) with starters and experts alike one on one or in a group, with a very large pool of active users then that is the right place for you.

So please, leave me a comment, write about your experience or ask any question in the comment section below


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