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LiveCD comes to the Rescue

Any professional needs a good toolset in order to do good work. In the case of a computer technician, that toolset will include rescue disk/s. A rescue disk will come in handy when a computer should be accessed but the OS doesn't start, the rescue disk will contain a bootable section, which will be an alternative OS to access the computer and its drives. A good rescue disk should have a large set of tools which should include anti viruses, partition managers, hardware analyzers and fixers as well as many common tools like a web browser, file explorer etc. A better rescue disk should have a LiveDisk mode as well as a simple windows mode which will contain many tools which can be used in a healthy environment - these tools should be portable and could be used in order to fix a specific problem on a working windows OS. The livedisk should work with or without an internet connection (which is a problem for antivrus utils as they won't have the latest virus signa