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Fast & Dirty Java GUI building on 2017

Java Gui of Choice (2017) So first of all, yes, Javafx is still a thing. You want to build a gui for your Java application? You don't have many options, AWT, SWT and Swing are dead, JavaFX is the official way to go for a Java developer. Yes, you can have an HTML gui for your java application, and that is a perfectly valid choice, which should be accomplished by using Vaadin or Apache Wicket, but those options force you to deploy your gui with a web server which could be uncomfortable for many a developer. So JavaFX it is; Now, you can go around the web and learn how to use all of those plugins and wizards which will hide the simple mechanism of building a javafx gui or you can continue reading this post  :-) JavaFX Installation/Configuration The first thing you will want to do is to download JavaFX SceneBuilder, the SceneBuilder is Oracle's official app for creating nice FXML files using simple drag and drop techniques. Although Oracle has open sourc