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Web Hosting & Control Panel

Finding the Right Host Currently I am using Hostgator as a hoster for my websites. But I am very disappointed with them, the main drawback is the constant downtimes my sites get due to their shaky servers. I used shared hosting, then upgraded to reseller hosting, the downtimes happen every now and then, the latest one was for more than 12 hours! I must move my sites from that hosting. I want to move my sites to a robust hosting service, one which won't fall, and if it did, it will have a good internal load balancer. Searching for a good web hosting is difficult as the web is spammed with advertised ones, due to the large number of affiliates out there. Anyway, my search, did give me some results. I considered the following: Amazon EC2 Amazon Lightsail Google Cloud Computing Vultr Digital Ocean Linode Amazon EC2 and Google's cloud computing, which looked like my uneducated best guesses, fell from the race due to the complexity of their pricing model. They have a nice price model

Optimizing my Server @ 2020

I have a brand new Ubuntu linux distribution on my new 2gb memory VPS (Amazon lightsail). What should be installed on it for the best experience. I am defining "best experience" as most secure, speedy and not complicated. I understand that one comes over the other, so if I want a super secure server, it will be more complicated and the speed might also take a hit. It goes the other way around also, so if I want a speedy server, I might want to install the web sites over Nginx instead of apache www, I will gain the speed but I will lose something in the process, as my sites work with wordpress and I have several plugins on them which use the htaccess file, i will need to find replacements for them and give over their benefits (security plugins, permalinks, www redirect, https etc). Another example will be MariaDB which is compatible with mysql but is supposed to be faster, it might complicate things, and because the gain of speed here is really minor, I will keep my sites with