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The many hurdles of cracking a WEP network

Goal: To obtain the password of a wifi network encrypted using WEP. I thought this to be an easy task as I read around the web, but it became a huge task consuming way too much of my time and money, for this task which was actually totally unneeded for me, just a curiosity, well, I may as well write about it. While crawling around I naturally searched for a windows based solution, early on I found out that there is a consensus about the best wifi cracking suite of programs called aircrack-ng . While going to their site I found that they say that cracking under windows is much less stable, robust and will never be as good as cracking from linux as windows adds layers of protection which prevent some of the cracking techniques. Ok, so I will do it using a linux distribution. I went back to my research and found out about the kali linux dist, it is a distribution based on Debian linux which already contains lots and lots of hacking/cracking utilities. Which wil

Single Java App a Day

This idea popped into my head several days ago and doesn't leave me, so although I know I won't have time to implement it in the near future I am writing it down - feel free to steal this idea and implement it! Basic idea - for an extensive amount of time (a month? two months?) build every day a new java application, as follows: Think thoroughly about the design of the applications as they should have common componnets spanning over all of the applications, where each app will add it's added benefit (the main business login) on top of the common grounds For example, I want to have all of my applications as javafx gui applications, so I should build a common component with a main content area, a log area below that one, a menu with all common menu items already there (file->save, file->exit, help->help, help->about, help->exit) etc Each application will do an atomic action (KISS) All applications should be open sourced and on github All the commo