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RIP your DVDs for free at 2017

I used to rip my DVDs several years back, so I had my slew of free software which did the job, and did it well. I used DVD Shrink to grab what I wanted from the DVD, while using DVDDecrypter and DVD43 to overcome the DRM and other dvd security measures. Then I would transcode the dvd which then resided in my harddrive using virtualdub, ususally to Xvid format, while embedding the subtitles in the video. Well, dvds are not so popular anymore (I don't even have a normal dvd drive in my current computers around the house, so I connected an external dvd drive to my computer), and I haven't ripped a dvd for at least five years now, which is light years in computers and technology time. So, I went out there, to see what is new and what should I use today to do the the same job. My requirements are simple: Requirements Nice GUI Simple GUI One software to do the whole job (rip, compress, select only the wanted streams etc) (Optional) Software which wi