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Technical list of things to do to create a new PODCAST

You want to start your own Podcast?  Here is my technical list of steps for you Recording hardware is highly advised: Blue Yeti microphone with a pop filter is a good choice Recording software: Audacity to record, edit and finally export as mp3 Save the mp3 file using 56kb bitrate for human voice best size/quality ratio Save the mp3 on a dedicated server for best long term results or just throw it unto your hosting service for quick and dirty results (if you ever become very popular, your hosting might tell you to pay for the bandwith) Create a wordpress site for your podcast , where each show will have a link to your mp3 file somewhere in it Use the  Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin for much nicer podcasting look in your site After recording and publishing a show or two, submit your podcast RSS feed to: The biggest podcast sites - Manually All the other smaller sites - automatically