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How to use GSA SER to make links to your site

After the previous article in which I recommended highly using GSA products to create links to your site, I intend now to explain the methods of using it. Please note that GSA SER is a little complicated and there are lots of finely grained options, most of which I won't talk about, I will just point out several important points I came across while using it. Work in Tiers You don't want to point bad links to your sites, thus you want to work in tiers as follows: Best links which means the links from full articles you submit to sites/profiles/wikis etc should point to your site - This will be your first tier containing good contextual links, these should be do-follow. Your second tier will contain less important links, but still good enough (Profile Links, pages dedicated to your link) - these will point to the first tier links. Your third and last tier is the tier replacing an indexer as this tier will point fast to gather but shitty links to your second tie

Cheapest way to get many links to your site ( SEO ? )

Disclaimer: I do not think that spamming the web with links to your site is a good thing or even a very effective way to make your site more important and in fact I wrote a whole article about the RIGHT way to make money online . That being said, link building still holds some effect even on 2017 although, other factors will move your site much further in the search engine search results (Content, Site Speed, Site Responsiveness). As many people will still try to find the best way to make links to their sites, I will lay the best and cheapest way I know of in the following article. There are many ways to get links to your site, the problem with most ways is that they cost too much or are too time consuming, thus you should look for a way which is cheap and hassle free. The components you will need for the task are: Link builder tool The above will need to have a way to create/find videos/images/articles/pdfs etc to submit to relevant sites Content creator to ge