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Sync / Backup files

Backing up my pictures/music/software etc is an issue i think about from time to time but never got to implement a method of doing ... till now. Motivation ? Obviously, this is very important, so even if a disaster occurs, I will still be able to retrieve my data. Where should I backup to ? To the cloud! - if I will backup to somewhere else it can also be destroyed in the case of disaster. But also to an external harddrive as some of the data is huge, and too big for the cloud (unless I will pay a monthly fee). Backup / Sync method Define which data will be backed up to the cloud (documents, source code etc) - these folders will be copied to the cloud directory What should be backed up to an external drive (pictures, music, videos etc) - these folders will be copied to the external drive (scheduled to one which is always connected, and manually to another which will be connected only for this purpose once a month then will be put back to the attic) Use a S