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APK Viewer

In a previous post I wrote about "How to read Android apk contents" , since then I have tested those apps and have drawn conclusions. There is no need for all of those apps, all one needs is two main apps which can do everything one might want with his apks! The clear winners are: APKInspector APK Multi Tool These two application complement each other and let you view any aspect of an APK (apkInspector) and change it as you wish (apk multi tool). I have explained a bit about APK Multi Tool in the previous post about reading android apk contents and so I want to clarify a bit about APK Inspector. APKInspector is a python application which runs only on linux and needs several packages to be installed for it to run. The above requirements can frighten many people so a virtual box (Oracle virtual box) was created using the  Ubuntu OS and all packages (as well as the main app) already are installed on it. In order to download this virtual machine