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Upgrade your site checklist

You already have a site - now you want to upgrade it, what should you do ? Make it fast - preferably not having any server side code (no php etc) just  plain html Use  Xenu  to see that there are no  broken links Redirect your site to the  www  domain Create a  404  page (or redirect to your homepage) Make it responsive ! Reduce the size of the site components Compress images (many online services) Dust off unused CSS selectors Minify CSS Minify JS Minify Html Instead of minifying the above resources (css, js, html) use Google's minifier which minifies all of the above on the fly (also uses cache) and even joins the CSS & JS together so you will have less server calls. Use  GTMetrix  to  analyze  then implement their suggestions Use  Google Page Speed  to analyze then implement their suggestions Don't stop implementing speed fixes according to the above analyses till you get above 90% speed score! Add Analytics (google analytics) Add Go