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First Step with GWT

Why GWT? Compiles to JavaScript and uses Ajax to get only the needed fragments thus cutting the network load Developer uses Java Developer uses mature IDE tools GWT compiler optimizes the Javascript This post will function as a quick reference on installation and main resources for beginning with GWT. Installation Install Java JDK  (Set JAVA_HOME to the root and add the "bin" directory to the Path) Install Ant  (Set ANT_HOME to the root and add the "bin" directory to the Path) Download and "install" Eclipse Start Eclipse, then install the Google plugin , google's update site contains several plugins, for regular GWT development install the following: Google plugin for eclipse (For Google App Engine), GWT designer for GPE (Drag & drop designer), GAE & GWT SDKs That's it, you have set your GWT development environment from scratch. First steps Resources Official google IO GWT presentations Introduct