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JavaDoc tool doesn't export the Method's Javadocs

My boss wanted me to deliver a full list of all of my JUnit tests I did on my code. When he saw my exasperated expression he offered me to just export the test's javadocs and deliver it as a report, well that made me happy :-) I've adopted writing javadocs all of the time as a good coding practice, so this task shouldn't have made me any problems, but... it did. As you well know, I use Eclipse as my IDE, so I just went to file --> export --> javadoc. Cool, everything seemed to work like a charm, till I looked at the javadocs - all was documented nicely except for - the method's javadocs, and that is where most of my javadocs are written. What was my problem? I found out that because I use JUnit 4 as my unit testing engine, I must use a @Test annotation, then I write my javadoc, here's my bug, apparently, when the tool sees an annotation it assumes the method's declaration has started, so when it tries exporting javadocs it doesn't look after any annota