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The good and the bad about Sierra's online Quests

Originally Ken & Roberta Williams began their Sierra Quests while trying to invent a new Genre - Interactive books. Roberta loved the idea of having kids play a fairy tale book thus King's Quest I was created. Her inspirations were text games which were games without any graphical trace, so on the screen you would see a description of where you are now and you could try doing things using your imagination and the text parser. Roberta thought to upgrade these games by adding graphics and having the player move the main character over the screen (yes, without a mouse) in order to move between screens or moving in the same screen getting to various objects, while still sending commands using her text parser (move rock, climb tree [Spoilers?] etc). Sierra quests were massive success and actually were a beginning of a genre, but as with many genre inventers (except Steve Jobs as he was perfect) she tried her hand in inventing these types of games, and many game des

How to hack a wordpress site

Just as an example - how would one go to hack a wordpress site. You go to the site you want to hack, use a siffer to find the framework the site was built with, I use a chrome plugin for this task ( Wappalyzer ). Now that we know we stand before a wordpress site, we need to find the login page, for that we will begin with a google search to find the " default wordpress login url " ( or If the site owner was clever (be clever!) and changed the default url for the login, we will use a tool like DirBuster (unix only?) to crawl the site in order to find all urls (from them you will recognize the login url) Now that we have the login page we will want to attempt to brute force our way in, but a bruteforce where we try to guess the username AND the password is hopeless as the number of tries is HUGE, so we will try to find the username. In wordpress there is a "feature" called author enumeration where