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Setting Up the Perfect fMan for my Needs

fMan is the best file manager out there. But as one of its best features is minimalism, some configurations are in order to make it more suitable to my needs. So lets begin tweaking fMan to be the best file manager for my needs. Install fMan Install Search Functionality Ctrl+Shift+P will bring up the command palette, "install a plugin" Install plugin: Search Now you can search for any specific file from inside fMan by clicking CTRL+f7 (or command palette and search for "search"). Install Preview Functionality Install plugin: Preview (This enables previewing any file using f3) For the preview to work, you need to install a 3rd party previewer, so install QuickLook Now click on any file with the f3 key When asked for a preview utility, point it to: %localappdata%\Programs\QuickLook\QuickLook.exe Enjoy this quick and amazing preview functionality (better than any other around), you can preview ANY file, be it a compressed file, exe, text

Essential Apps Every Windows User Should have in his Arsenal

As a general thumb of rule, I suggest installing the minimal number of applications on your windows system, if you are not sure you need it just don't install it. The logic behind my above rule of thumb is that the more applications you have the more your windows system becomes/might become unstable and the more your registry becomes cluttered etc, windows has a very generous set of tools by default, so you might need to add just a minimal set of your own tools if that. That being said, a good application can save you a lot of time and work, so those which are needed I encourage you to install, thus I am writing this blog post to introduce you to my minimal set of tools which make my life so much easier. Each one of the tools I will write about deserves its own post comparing it to the competition, but this post will only focus on a list (with some descriptions) of the tools. Must Have As a file manager I suggest using fman , that is only if you work strongly on files al

Profiling Java @ 2019

A good profiler can really help you in your work while coding Java (I assume while coding any coding language but I am referring to Java here) It can find memory leaks (Which object and how many of it takes the most of your limited memory?), CPU bottlenecks and other surprising data like the time consumed by each network call / DB query etc. Thus it is not so surprising to find many different java profilers around. I will try to map here the Java profiling tools lying around My short list of requirements will include the following: Profiler Requirements Constantly updated profiler (how a profiler built to profile Java6 will behave with Java11?) Clear GUI - As I will want to dive into the profiling data - it will be much simpler using UI Free (With a big advantage to the open sourced ones) (Optional) Remote profiling List of Profilers Dead Profilers (At least 5 years without an update) JIP - Java Interactive Profiler  - Last update 2010 Profiler4J - Last Updat