Profiling Java @ 2019

A good profiler can really help you in your work while coding Java (I assume while coding any coding language but I am referring to Java here)

It can find memory leaks (Which object and how many of it takes the most of your limited memory?), CPU bottlenecks and other surprising data like the time consumed by each network call / DB query etc.

Thus it is not so surprising to find many different java profilers around.

I will try to map here the Java profiling tools lying around
My short list of requirements will include the following:

Profiler Requirements

  • Constantly updated profiler (how a profiler built to profile Java6 will behave with Java11?)
  • Clear GUI - As I will want to dive into the profiling data - it will be much simpler using UI
  • Free (With a big advantage to the open sourced ones)
  • (Optional) Remote profiling

List of Profilers

Dead Profilers (At least 5 years without an update)

Non Free Profilers

Not Good Enough (for me)

  • JvmTop - 2015, Only CPU profiler and has no GUI
  • Netbeans Profiler - Bundled with netbeans (Which I don't use)

Profilers Worth Checking


In this post I have listed many java profilers.
The non-relevant ones are important to map as well as those ones which are worth checking as it is important to iliminate those you won't use in order to shorten the path to finding the right tool for your trade.


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