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Some Notes About Converting Your Java Spring MVC App to SpringBoot

In the last years Spring MVC has quickly lost ground to it's younger brother - SpringBoot. The major changes are incode annotations instead of XML configurations , as well as embedding an internal application server instead of creating a war which you can throw into an existing external application server (like tomcat). - So it still will use tomcat, it will just be an embedded-internal one. As I see it those are the main advantages. So after migrating my own Spring mvc application to be a Springboot one, here are my notes. All I needed was the embedded server - the migration did the job and I am highly satisfied as I don't need to install/maintain another part of the system (the tomcat server), which is very good as now my application has one less complexity . Now instead of creating a war file, I create (Maven) a Jar file and run in using java -jar The migration was easier than I thought ! Everything runs faster now - the tomcat is somehow more optimized which i