Ant Explorer graphical Ant build tool

Every serious java developer needs to create or edit some ant building script.

Eclipse offers nice ant handling features which make the task much easier, eclipse's plugin (which is embeded into eclipse since version 3.1 or so) understands the ant scripting language thus enables not only syntax coloring but also nice mouse hovering which reveals values of properties, variable names which enables finding the source of each variable and also some nice debugging features.

But, there is one field in which eclipse's ant handling lacks perfection, its in viewing the whole build file in one gaze graphically feature, that feature isn't supported by eclipse.

Luckily enough, it is supported by YWorks, which created a nice and free util which loads an ant script file and shows it in a beautiful and so very useful way.

I think that this util (which was released as a standalone as well as an eclipse and idea) is a must for any serious java developer.

Unluckily, YWorks have removed the util from their site.

So, here it is to download from my own archive:
As a Standalone ,
As an idea plugin.

If any of you have it as an eclipse plugin please, please let me know.



Bill L said…
Thanks very much for keeping the stand-alone install around! Too bad yFiles discontinued this nice product.
Rick F said…
I second the "Thank You" for providing the download links after yWorks' removed this nice, free utility from their website.
Soney said…
Thank you very much for this :)
Prashanth said…

I am able to dowload and start the tool, but I couldn't view my build.xml file. It always throws NullPointer exception when I open the build.xml file.

Please help,

NiJo said…
Not able to find the standalone file anymore , please share again
avi said…
Thank you @Nijo

I fixed it

All files restored

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