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Modding my MGB-001 (Gameboy Pocket)

The gameboy pocket was a great product of its time and a nice upgrade from the original gameboy, and even today it is still lots of fun, but there are several aspects where it could get even better, these aspects can be upgraded using mods, I will put here the recommended mods in a nutshell. A quick note before the mods - The gameboy pocket is much smaller than it's parent the original gameboy thus it leaves minimal places for the mods, so I will have to pick only those mods which give me the most benefit with the minimal "cost" in shell space and complicated wirings. Switch to newer capacitors The MGB uses four electrolytic capacitors, these can easily be changed to newer ones renewing an important aspect of the MGB which tends to be problematic after several years I found several sellers which sell a gameboy pocket capacitor pack with these 4 needed caps - this may make your life easier, or you can just buy (aliexpress?) the following 4 capacitors and install them inste