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File managers at 2018-2019

What is a file manager ? A file manager is an application which manages files mainly by doing simple file functionality like copy/move/delete/rename etc. The functionality of a file manager can broaden to many other file-related aspects like a graphic tree of your local hard drive, comparison of directories, edit/view of files, pack/unpack and many more functions. The main look of a file manager will be a two-pane frame in which you can see two different directories at a glance, while performing functions related to the right pane, left pane or both (like copying a file from the left pane to the right). There are many modern file managers (a lot of file managers exist today) most have the basic functionality I mentioned earlier, and each one has its own flavor, adding functionality by using a plugin system or having the special functionality at the core level of the file manager. Why people used them in the past ? In the past (I am talking about the DOS era 1980-1997), a