Launch the perfect set of hundreds of offline free games with a launcher in under 5 minutes

If you want to play good games, but don't want to play online games, and don't want to waste your time for searching games one after the other till you find a decent and free good game then just read this post and I will guide you to the perfect and effortless set of free games you can obtain in 5 minutes.

These games will fit any person with the following requirements from his games:
  1. Only free games
  2. Don't care about graphics (So if a game has good playability you want to play it even if it is 20 years old)
  3. Hundreds of games to pick from
  4. Obtain them in 5 minutes
  5. Have a nice launcher where each game will have a picture and you only need to click the picture to play the game

The answer is simple my friend, you are looking for a good console games emulator with a beautiful launcher.
Emulators, emulate a specific gaming machine so, for example, you can download a Nintendo (NES) emulator and play all of the Nintendo original games.

But still you will need to find the right emulator (there are dozens of emulators for each console).
Then you will have to download the Roms = the actual games, one by one.
Then you will need to configure the wmulator to point to those games.
Then you will need to take screenshots of each game for the launcher

All of the above was done for you already.

I am here to tell you that from today, you can play any Amiga / Amiga32, Commodore64 with the best emulator and roms, preconfigured already, with a beautiful launcher.

Just go to the following sites and download the packages.


P.S. if graphics aren't an issue but still you prefer the better graphical games then download the Amiga32 launcher.


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