Cheapest way to get many links to your site ( SEO ? )

Disclaimer: I do not think that spamming the web with links to your site is a good thing or even a very effective way to make your site more important and in fact I wrote a whole article about the RIGHT way to make money online.

That being said, link building still holds some effect even on 2017 although, other factors will move your site much further in the search engine search results (Content, Site Speed, Site Responsiveness).

As many people will still try to find the best way to make links to their sites, I will lay the best and cheapest way I know of in the following article.

There are many ways to get links to your site, the problem with most ways is that they cost too much or are too time consuming, thus you should look for a way which is cheap and hassle free.

The components you will need for the task are:
  • Link builder tool
  • The above will need to have a way to create/find videos/images/articles/pdfs etc to submit to relevant sites
  • Content creator to get articles
  • Text spinner so your text will be unique
  • Link indexer so every link you build will be accounted for
  • Captcha breaker
  • Proxies
  • Email addresses to be able to register and then approve by clicking on the links in the mails
You will want something as hassle free as it gets and as cheap as can be found which normally will mean non-recurring fee, and you must have software which is constantly updated as the methods which will be used by these pieces of software are somewhat shady and as such they will become irrelevant from time to time, thus they should be constantly updated.

Link Building Tool

This is the main component and should be your main focus, this one should definitely be a good software which is constantly updated, the expectations from it should be to find new sites and post to them all of the time without stopping, hoping that it will do it with the least interference from the user and that it will find good target sites to post to as you don't want it to link to your site from spammy places as google might notice and penalize your site for it, you should also try to create a tiered project so the best links will point to your site and the spammy links will point to your best-links-sites.

In this category you will find many tools, most of them totally useless, like some comment spammers which will find wordpress sites and place a comment into them, some of them are good but need too much manual labour which makes it not relevant in the long run and some of them so sophisticated it will just make you work so hard it won't be worth it.

In the short list of good software you will find very expensive tools which will make you pay a monthly recurring fee which just pisses me off.

Till today I found only one good and cheap piece of software which I can full heartedly recommend and that is GSA SER (Search Engine Ranker) - This tool has many many target sites it can post to, is weekly updated for many many years now and is dirt cheap compared to all of the others, it costs 100$ as a one time payment - you won't find any better tool and you won't find a cheaper one either!

The only downside of it is the complexity of the software, it has so many options bundled into it and all of them are configurable which is a very bad design decision in my humble opinion, but there are ways to overcome it.

GSA Project Creator

As GSA SER is so complex, project building is time consuming (it can take about an hour to create a project which is not a lot considering it might work for years but still it will turn you off), so I really recommend buying a Project creator which is just a small tool which contains several fields like the URL you want to promote and the keywords you want to use and it will fill the GSA SER fields for you, it will find articles and spin them, it will create a PDF file, will link to a video file and do all of the rest. So after filling the fields (1 minute max) it will generate a GSA SER project file, which you can load from the main program and run on the spot - this tool is a very important part as it will streamline your process and will amake GSA SER accessible. That being said, I think GSA SER should have a simple wizard which will have this functionality.

I have searched wide and far and found several tools, all of which were taken offline, currently the only reasonable one I could find is Wraith Project Creator this toold costs about 30$ as a one-time fee.

[Update] I am not convinced that the wraith project creator is worth it, so for now I remove my recommendation for it, I have asked for a new feature from GSA SER to include a quick project wizard, hopefully it would be integrated into the main program.

Content Creator

GSA SER and any other link building tools create many types of links, the best links are "contextual links" which means links with content surrounding them with the same content as your main keywords, so for example, if you want a link to a site selling cars, you would prefer links from a page talking about cars rather from links about chairs for example, thus you will need to provide articles to your link creator utility.

Articles can be found in many ways ("Kontent Machine"), you can buy articles in big packets, you can buy a utility which generates articles somehow, or a utility which downloads existing articles from article directories.

All of the above is ok, but costs money, so in order to cut the expenses, I suggest using the built it article scraper existing in GSA SER.

Text Spinner

Articles scraped from online sources are worthless as they are not unique, thus they should pass a "spin" in order to make them unique (A spin can include many methods, but the main one is changing words with other words which have the same meaning).

There are many spinners which can be found, all of which cost money as a one-time fee or as a service ("The Best Spinner" ?), but also here my choice goes to a free spinner which can be found as an internal tool of GSA SER which is its free internal spinner (Which after a very short setup works really great)

Link Indexer

Each link you create somewhere isn't counted unless found by the search engines, in order for that to happen, those links should be linked to from other links.

In order for that to happen fast, you can employ an indexer, a small utility which submits your links to hundreds/thousands of sites which the search engines crawl, thus cause those links to be indexed.

There are many tools to index links, some are a one-time fee and others are services you send your link to and they take care of the indexing.

I suggest using the reliable GSA Captcha Breaker which only costs 20$ if you want an indexer at all, in order to go cheap, I suggest no using any indexer at all, but use a tiered project which your highest tier will consist (in GSA) of indexer/url shortener and blog comments links and will thus cause the links which are sent to it to be indexed (So GSA can actually be your indexer).

Captcha Solver

There is no good way to avoid a captcha solver, whenever you want to register/submit a site you will be showed a captcha to solve in order to prove you are human, but you are not as GSA SER is doing the work, thus you need a captcha solver.

There are many services which solve captchas with more or less success (Costing about 1$-2$ for 1000 captcha solvings) but in the long run they are very expensive, so I suggest using a utility which will reside on your computer and will solve captchas, the best and most maintained one is GSA's Captcha Breaker and I full heartedly recommend it although it costs about 150$.


When spamming the search engines, you must use proxies, without them they will ban you quickly and you won't be able to make further searches.

Proxies are divided into two main categories, private proxies and public proxies.
The public proxies can be scraped from many lists online, are cheap (don't cost a dime) but aren't reliable, as some other users might have used them heavily, rendering the current proxy useless...

You can purchase private proxies which would cost you several dollars per month (Yeah, recurring fees!), or you can pay a one time fee for a good public proxy scraper. (GSA Proxy Scraper)

My vote goes to the built in proxy scraper which can be found in GSA SER, it is a very good one, and comes free with the program...

Catchall Emails

When you want to sign up to a site, the site (most of the times) asks for your email address in order to send you an activation link.

You then log into your mail address and click on the activation link.

All of that gets automated in GSA SER, you just need to supply the email address with the login details and GSA SER will do the rest.

You shouldn't give your real email address for several reasons, the first is that it might get blacklisted, because if you register thousands of sites per week then someone might notice and flag you.
The second reason being that if you will try to login to the same site twice you will need two different email addresses as in most sites the email address is used as a unique identifier.

So you should give a disposable email address and preferably a "catch-all" email address which means infinite email addresses, or if you want you can put in several disposable email addresses instead.

You can buy batches of a thousand email addresses for several dollars, but those emails will get finished in time and you will need new ones, and many times the whole batch gets blacklisted and the list becomes non-relevant.

So you will want to have a catch-all email.
SeoSpartan is a cool option, one which will cost about 5$ per month.
Another option is creating you own catch-all email using one of your domains, which can be free if you have that domain anyway, or can cost about 10$ per year for a dedicated domain.


In order to spam the web old-style SEO and get links to your site using an automatic passive way you should:
  • Pay 100$ for GSA SER
  • Pay 150$ for GSA Captcha Breaker
No need for an indexer, no need for another utility for scraping proxies (nor private proxies for that matter), no need for a secondary captcha solver, no need for a content creator/spinner/spintax and no need to pay for a catch all email address.

The 250$ are all you need and these are a one-time fee.

All of the rest can be found in GSA SER.

It might have a learning curve, but after it your links will flow steadily into your sites.


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