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Raspberry Pie fueling a Picture Frame

 The goal is to have a simple picture frame. Just load a big bunch of pictures into a usb thumb drive, and fire up this raspberry pie + small screen in order to see a slideshow of these pictures. The final product will boot up straight to the slideshow, no need for mouse or keyboard, and the screen won't get to sleep mode. So the basic steps for the installation will be as follows Install OS on the microSD card Run the OS on the RPI Install the image viewer with slideshow mode Configure a batch file to run the image viewer with the right parameters Run the batch file at startup Configure the OS not to go to sleep mode The main component is the image viewer, there are many options for a command line image viewer pQiv - Best option as it has transitions (fade) between images feh - The most popular eog - Another option fim - Doesn't need a desktop X installed, so it is good for weak RPIs (But needs v0.6 and up for the --resolution 'fullscreen' mode) fbi - Doesn't need