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FTP with Remote archive handling

Is FTP Enough ? FTP is the way one usually goes when he wants to upload/download files to his server, but pure uploading and downloading is not enough, as there is a simple yet very important feature which is still absent and it is some archive handling. When I say "Archive handling" I refer to packing and extracting files to/from an archive (eg: tar or zip file). Why Archive handling Because transferring many files (thousands) to/from my server is very very slow, so when I want to start a new site and upload all files for my wordpress site, I prefer uploading a single zip file (less than one minute) then extracting it remotely on my server which will take several seconds, rather than upload thousands of files which might take several hours (assuming nothing fails in the way). (same goes for backing up my site, where zipping the whole site then downloading a single file is much preferred over downloading all files from the server) The usual way I did it in t