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Eclipse Window Builder VS Netbeans GUI Builder (Matisse)

Java is a great programming language but it has a big flaw - it's GUI framework sucks! I am talking about building simple client-side applications. If you don't want to mess with any web gui framework then you are bound to use swing. You can always build swing writing the text and imagining how it will work but any smart programmer will search for a nice Swing GUI builder which will enable him/her to have a WYSIWYG sort of framework to work with. There are several options of WYSIWYG frameworks to pick from, the most noticeable till the July (2011) was Netbeans' "Matisse" GUI builder. There were others of course but none as free or as good as Matisse. The biggest flaw of Matisse is that it doesn't reside on the best IDE out there - eclipse, but it can be found only on netbeans which isn't as good as Eclipse (Doesn't even have a "hover" feature to name one great flaw of netbeans) so if you want to build a GUI suppo

Setting up an Android development environment in a nutshell

If you want to begin developing for the android platform - which components will you need to install? In a nutshell: Install latest JDK Install the latest eclipse IDE "Eclipse IDE for Java Developers" Install the latest Android SDK Run the SDK manager after installation and install all of the packages you might need (retain default packages and add additional ones if need be). Install latest ADT (eclipse android plugin) Run eclipse, choose help --> Install new software Configure eclipse and point it to the JDK and to the android SDK. Have a nice android day   :-) Avi.

SCummVM for Android

THIS ARTICLE ISN'T LONG! -- First section = 3 terms related to this topic briefly explained -- Second section = Main article - how to install SCummVM on your android (even new androids) -- Last section = UNIMPORTANT, feel free to skip it, it's only a list of games compatible with your android after installing SCummVM ----------------------------------------------------------------- SCummVM - Lucasarts' gaming engine used for their good old games / quests like Maniac Mansion, Indiana Jones, Monkey Island etc. AGI - Sierra's first gaming engine used for their good old quests like King's Quest, Larry quests, Police quests, Space quests. SCI - Sierra's second gaming engine used for their newer games (since about 1990), the quests programmed with this engine didn't need the text parser but used the mouse for every action needed during the game. If you have an Android machine (cell phone, tablet) and want to play any game which u

Free SVN

I have these small java projects I like to work on. Mostly I work on them from home, but from time to time I like to work on them using my laptop or if I have an idea while working on other projects, I want to add a feature on work. The problem is that the source code is at my house on my main computer, so if I want to work on the code elsewhere, I send the code to myself using my gmail, work on it whereever I want and reupload the code to my main computer. Well, that is a pain in the ... neck. So I got to the conclusion I must use some sort of version control. I picked SVN, because that's what we have at work, then installed a SVN server at my house, got a static IP (using dyn-dns) and used my SVN for my java projects. It worked. But it's not the best way working those things out. First of all, my computer isn't on 24\7 Second - my home computer isn't 100% secured as expected from regular servers. Third - My computer may crash at any time - then wh