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Getting the file names of a given directory as plain text

At the beginning I searched the web for a freeware which does the job, I didn't even think of paying for this simple job to be done. But then I found the simplest of all solution. Just go to the command prompt (Windows button + R) type in cmd and press enter - you are in the command line view. Go to the directory from which you want a file list as text. Then type: dir /B mark the text and press enter (used as copy in the console view) then paste the filelist from the clipboard anywhere you want. If you want the filelist to be in a text file you can shorten the process by executing the following command from the command line console window: dir /B > filename.txt Now the file's list will be in the file you typed (filename.txt). A thought: Some functions just don't need any fancy tool for doing them...