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Quick GUI Creation

I am working on a project of recreating an old game of Sierra called King's Quest IV - The Perils of Rosella in 3d , I am not working alone, we are a whole team working together. We are using a gaming engine called AGS, which helps in creating games - especially quest games, anyway, this engine enables us to also play video files, but it supports natively only the compressed Theora format, which is an open source video codec which is the equivalent of DIVX just open source (Later on, Google bought the rights for this codec, and have [graded it and are actively using it, but they have left the previous version for the joy of the public). So our graphic designer has created several video files which then she wanted to convert to the Theora format, but apparently it is hard to find a decent codec converter which doesn't need a license in computer science in order to just use it, why? because it is an open source project so anybody who wants to use it needs to be an IT ge

Amazing PHP site generator

Let's say I have a Database with data. Now, lets assume I want to have a site around this database, which users and admins can access and have access to the data using nice GUI'd tables with the specific data I want each group to be exposed to. When I think of designing such a site, I think of the following requirements: The site must be lightweight , there is no need for any heavy "Engine" here. The site should be built using good coding practices, so I want it to have an MVC engine. I want not to worry about the sql queries, I want not to worry about sql injection, I want DB schema changes to be minor (coding wise) in short - I want an ORM . I want some CRUD functionality I want a nice GUI which means using a lightweight Templating system like Smarty which will preferably use great JS libraries , Twitter Bootstrap, font Awesome etc . One would think I am asking for too much - well, nothing is too much, it just will take a lot of time to develop th