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Free DVD Ripping at 2017 take 2

After I chose my main tool of the trade for ripping DVDs at my previous post , I want to write down about my whole suite of tools for perfect DVD ripping and basic editing. Before I begin I want to be clear that I don't want to talk about heavy duty video editing tools, where one has a video and audio timelines where he can edit every aspect of the video as well as add text etc. In this post I intend to talk about the light video editing which will consist of the following functionality: Ripping Process Ripping the DVD to the local disk - 1:1 quality rip (no transcoding done) (and all security measures on the dvd will be broken on this stage) - this stage is important as it causes the dvd to work for the shortest time, thus decreasing the wear and tear of the dvd. Authoring the DVD , which means removing unneeded sections of the dvd like languages which are not needed (removing whole audio streams from the dvd container), removing trailers etc. Now that I have