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Best Lossless Image Size Reduction Freewares

Lossless image reduction means reducing a given image's size without losing quality at all! This should be done by default, the truth is that we shouldn't have external tools to reduce size without losing anything because the current software we use to create the original images should apply lossless image reduction techniques - it is lossless so no quality is lost what so ever! Anyway, we live in a non perfect world, so we need these tools. In my post i want to write about the best tools for this task. Requirements: 1. Lossless image size reduction. 2. Support for all file formats (at least png, gif & jpg). 3. Easy to use user interface . 4. Option to be recursive = option to submit to the tool a directory and it will convert all of the images it contains (and all of the images contained in any sub directory etc) 5. Option to overwrite original images. 6. Free After lots of googling around I found the following as the best tools to use,