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Removing Viruses at 2019

[Updated on Feb. 2019] Times have changed, in days past, a virus was a small program which would infect the memory when run and then it would infect other files it came in touch with. Nowdays, viruses come in many flavors, there are the traditional viruses (do they even still exist?), worms, malware, spyware, ransomware among other types of unwanted small programs infecting your computer without you inviting them. The distinction between those types of bad software is non relevant IMHO, all of those shouldn't exist and ideally I should have one tool to scrap them all. But the reality is different, if you find some bad behaviour infecting your browser for example (a sticky not needed homepage or search engine etc) which tool do you need to start in order to eradicate it ?  maybe you will even end by googling it out and doing some manual labor in order to remove it (ridiculous as it is prone to error and to other hazards). So, I hereby declare here

Best Free Video Editing Tools in 2017

Video editing is a large subject and there are many tools for this trade. That is the crux of the problem, when having too many tools, one doesn't find what he needs, thus might make stupid decisions like buying a tool even though he has all of the tools for free, or as what  most commonly happens - he installs a set of tools while unknowingly installing 3rd party unneeded spam or even spyware and malware, as many tools are disguised as free in order to make the user unknowingly install their spyware on his computer. Thus have I decided to try and mini-map these charted grounds. I won't write about paid applications here as I want to focus on the free ones. I prefer opensourced applications and constantly updated ones. Basic video cut/delete/merge/split functionality For the basic video cut/delete/merge/split functionality, I searched for a very simple application which would do only that, without any transcoding (which leads to really slower work and loss of

Uncover your Neighbours Passwords Over his Wifi (MITM)

In this article I will show you how simple it is to uncover passwords which are sent over your wifi network. In a nutshell When you connect to a network, you are sending all of your data as packets to the router which in turn sends it on to your ISP and from there to the WWW, so if you are connected to a network in which others are connected to, there are very simple ways to see all of the data they are sending to the router (as you yourself are also connected to it). This technique is called Man in the middle attack or in short MITM, it is using APR messages spoofing and other uninteresting tech methods behind the scenes to uncover all traffic going through the same network. I will show you how to do it using the Windows operating system, with an application having a good-enough gui (cain & abel). Most hacking tools are created for the linux OS and the windows hacking tools are mediocre at best, that being said, Cain & Abel is an exception as it is a very p