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Basic ANT build file Template

It happens all of the time, I want to write a new ANT build file, I don't really remember how to begin, so, I just copy a working build file and then I start removing most of its content. Well, that's not so productive and is a bad practice in general, so for the benefit of all (me included), I've decided doing the same process for the last time, in order to create a basic Ant template file from which I will be able to begin each time. This template contains only the most basic Ant build file. Basic example which shows how to: Create a basic Ant build file. Usage of a property. Usage of a Target (Method / Procedure). Dependency of targets. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <project name="BasicTemplate" default="all"> <property name="distribution" value="${basedir}/dist" /> <target name="init" description="Some initialization acts which should run at the begining"&g

SVN Externals spaces handling

There is some sort of SVN error which doesn't allow one to use spaces in ones directory structure when using the "externals" svn property. The solution to this one is quite short and simple: Instead of using spaces, use %20  which the svn does understand as a space character. So if your external consists of something like this: "my project/dist" rewrite it to: "my%20project/dist". Yeah, i know, ugly... but it works. BTW - Maybe this isn't a general SVN problem, it might just be a TortoiseSVN problem.

Help me become a great Java developer - What should I learn?

This is the subject of an email I got today, the rest of the email is as follows: Hi Chaiavi, Whats up? I didn't work on java for a while now, i am trying to become the best Java developer ever - well not ever there will always be you ;-) so that in the future job interviews i will actually know something :-) and i need your help to guide me in the right direction :- where to start? what are more/less impotent subjects? what are the best places to learn from, so that I will learn a lot in short time with as little effort as possible that it will be easy fun and not boring and that I can finish before the next job interview (whenever it will be) i am looking for online sites, video eLearning and even books if they are really good (since books takes a lot of time to learn from) you know what, ignore everything i just said and just guide me into becoming the great Java developer i can be. Thanks, John Doe. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------