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Olympus Voice Recorder

My friend gave me his Olympus Voice Recorder VN-120PC.
He needed some piece of software with which he could copy the files from the recorder to his computer.
Well, after some searching, I saw it wasn't such an easy task, that's the reason for the post.

If you are an owner of such a recorder (or one of its siblings which can use the same software) - you won't need to search any further.
Olympus's Digital Wave Player is at your service to copy the files using a USB cable - to your PC.

I have two versions, The first for win2000 and winxp, while the second is for win98.
Driver for Windows2000 & Windows XP Driver for Windows 98
These drivers and software match also the DW90 recroder.


ZVR converter

Yesterday, a friend asked me to find him a ZVR sound file converter. What's the problem? I asked... Give me 5 minutes and i'll google it out.
Well, I was wrong, finding a decent converter isn't an easy task, it took me at least 7 minutes (kidding).
What's a ZVR file? It's a dictation recorder output file, used by the korean SAFA company, their recording machine is used mainly to capture sound files using its microphone during class lessons or whenever one wants.
I just don't get it, why each company comes up with its own sound format?  grab a good and free existing audio format and stick to it!
The ZVR files are very small hence their low quality... Anyway, a nice ZVR to WAV file converter was found. It's an incredibly small file (140kb).
Download ZVR sound file converter 
Enjoy, Avi.