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Hacking Tips

You have an encrypted Password and you want to find what it is A good practice is to encrypt a password using a one way encryption, then when the user uses his password, you just encrypt it with the same algorithm and compare the stored encrypted value to the new value, if they are the same then he user entered the right password. Having the password as encrypted strings is a good measure of security, if you want to find the original password then it is not simple as the encryption works one way only. But still, in order to find the original password you can try the following: Throw the hashed string to google - you will be amazed Dumb brute-force , by hashing every keyboard sequence using a computer algorithm, the problem with this one is that it is very CPU intensive and it might take a verrrry long time Dictionary attack , doesn't use random keys, but uses real words in order to try and guess the password - this is a much faster method, but if the password wasn&