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Best free FTP program

There is no debate, if you need a good and free FTP program just run and download filezilla, and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. But what will you do when filezilla fails you? Which program will you use? It seems that most free FTP programs are shitty (sorry for the word - but they really are), but if filezilla isn't a solution try the following next 2 best options (which are reasonable enough even though they are under filezilla's league): * CoreFTP (the free version) * LeechFTP If you have any other (better?) free ftp program, please add it in the comments.

King Quest Remakes

So you want to be king. If you ever have that nostalgic mood and want to jump and play those good old king quest games, there is no need for a dosbox and the old text parsing games. King Quests 1-4 have beautiful remakes with improved plots and a much better point and click interface. Who created them? - fans. Where can you find them? It appears that three different groups had taken on themselves to remake the quests. King Quest 1 & 2 were remade by AGDInteractive King Quest 3 was remade by infamous adventures King Quest 4 is being remaked by Magic Mirror Games