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SCummVM for Android

-- First section = 3 terms related to this topic briefly explained -- Second section = Main article - how to install SCummVM on your android (even new androids) -- Last section = UNIMPORTANT, feel free to skip it, it's only a list of games compatible with your android after installing SCummVM
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My Personal Journey

SCummVM - Lucasarts' gaming engine used for their good old games / quests like Maniac Mansion, Indiana Jones, Monkey Island etc.
AGI - Sierra's…

Free SVN

I have these small java projects I like to work on.

Mostly I work on them from home, but from time to time I like to work on them using my laptop or if I have an idea while working on other projects, I want to add a feature on work.

The problem is that the source code is at my house on my main computer, so if I want to work on the code elsewhere, I send the code to myself using my gmail, work on it whereever I want and reupload the code to my main computer.

Well, that is a pain in the ... neck.

So I got to the conclusion I must use some sort of version control.

I picked SVN, because that's what we have at work, then installed a SVN server at my house, got a static IP (using dyn-dns) and used my SVN for my java projects.

It worked.

But it's not the best way working those things out.

First of all, my computer isn't on 24\7
Second - my home computer isn't 100% secured as expected from regular servers.
Third - My computer may crash at any time - then what?

So I fiigured I …