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Run your Java app as an EXE

My current task is deploying my JavaFX app as an EXE application Why? Because, unfortunately, "jar" files aren't looked upon (by windows) as executables which one should only double click in order to run, as if jar files are less legitimate than exe applications. This is not fair! People don't like running java applications because they need then to install a Java Virtual Machine, but they forget that in order to run those precious C# applications they need to install the .NET virtual machine, because windows does that automatically with windows updates so it is treansparent, but fundamentally they are the same, both need a virtual machine installed (JRE for java and .NET for .net apps), and a file association in order to run. Well, as I won't change the world (although I would love to see microsoft having a JRE installed using microsoft [optional] updates), I searched for a solution which will enable me to "convert" my jar file to an E