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Localize Android app

You have created this great android app. Then you discover that the world is actually flat and your app will be downloaded by dudes all over the planet, and they want your app in their own language. How can you localize your app? Be sure that all of the text in the app is using strings.xml, please note that the actual java files as well as the layout xml files should refer to the strings.xml file. Create a directory for each language you want your app to be localized to, so if you want your app to be localized to 11 languages you will need to create 11 additional directories; These directories should be located in the "res" directory and should be named values-XX where XX is a 2 letter country code, which you can find here: Copy your strings.xml file into each one of those directories Translate each one of those strings.xml files to their relevant languages (I managed to have those files translated i