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Earn Extra Money Home

How to Earn extra money from home In the following thorough article I will explain the way I use to earn extra money online. I will pour out all of the details, explaining exactly what I do - take it or leave it.
The "method" I use can be a way to earn extra money or a way to change your day job completely and live off this method by earning more than enough to live from.
I am no "guru" and am not selling anything, I am just a programmer which searched for the best way to earn moeny online for about 7 years now!!, and only the last year I finally found the one good way to do it and earn thousands of dollars each month, please note that about 6 years I managed to scratch just about 100$ per month till I found this way which I use to earn about 3000$ per month and counting.
This is the "Index" of my article with the main points I will write about:
Earning money as an affiliateDoing it the wrong wayMy Personal StoryWho earns online ?Earning money the right w…

MITM Attack or How to get Access to Your Neighbour's Gmail

I will try to explain the two main methods of getting the victim's access to sites he visits (even those protected by HTTPS).

The methods I will talk about are based on MITM (Man in the middle) attack.
Both methods require you to connect to the victim's wifi beforehand (prerequisite).

1. Listen to all traffic from the devices on your network to the router.
2. Cheat the router and the victim to pass all of their traffic through you (as a proxy, thus gaining access to all traffic).

Listen The first method (listening mode) is more non-detectable as you don't actually disturb the victim or the router, you just listen to the packets of traffic as they go through the air.
This method can be done using two main modes:
I. Promiscuous mode - Which is a mode you can use even on windows OS, and can be enabled on many network devices.
This mode is not recommended ever using as it has lots of limitations, the most prominent one is that it can listen to traffic only on non-encrypted netw…

MITM Attack Using Windows at 2018

A year ago I wrote about my first stab at MITM attacks.

In this post I want to focus on MITM attacks using windows only tools.

What is MITM Attack? A Man In The Middle attack is an attack where the attacker is connected to the same network as the victim while positioning himself between the victim and the router thus makes himself a sort of a proxy while grabbing all of the network packets on the fly with the possibility of dumping them or even altering them.
So instead of:
Victim -> Router

It is altered to:
Victim -> Attacker -> Router

How does the MITM work ? Without delving deeply to technicalities, the attacker will need three main tools:
A. Spoofing tool - this one will make the attacker spoof the network to make the victim believe the attacker is the router thus sending all of its packets to the attacker instead of to the router, then the attacker will forward those packets to the router.

B. Dumping tool - A tool to capture all of those packets going through the attacker.

LiveCD comes to the Rescue

Any professional person needs a good toolset in order to do good work. In the case of a computer technician, that toolset will include rescue disk/s.
A rescue disk will come in handy when a computer should be accessed but the OS doesn't start, the rescue disk will contain a bootable section, which will be an alternative OS to access the computer and its drives.
A good rescue disk should have a large set of tools which should include anti viruses, partition managers, hardware analyzers and fixers as well as many common tools like a web browser, file explorer etc.
A better rescue disk should have a LiveDisk mode as well as well as a simple windows mode which will contain many tools which can be used in a healthy environment - these tools should be portable and could be used in order to fix a specific problem on a working windows OS.
The livedisk should work with or without an internet connection (which is a problem for antivrus utils as they won't have the latest virus signatur…

How to use GSA SER to make links to your site

After the previous article in which I recommended highly using GSA products to create links to your site, I intend now to explain the methods of using it.
Please note that GSA SER is a little complicated and there are lots of finely grained options, most of which I won't talk about, I will just point out several important points I came across while using it.
Work in Tiers You don't want to point bad links to your sites, thus you want to work in tiers as follows: Best links which means the links from full articles you submit to sites/profiles/wikis etc should point to your site - This will be your first tier containing good contextual links, these should be do-follow.
Your second tier will contain less important links, but still good enough (Profile Links, pages dedicated to your link) - these will point to the first tier links.
Your third and last tier is the tier replacing an indexer as this tier will point fast to gather but shitty links to your second tier links [The engin…

Cheapest way to get many links to your site ( SEO ? )

Disclaimer: I do not think that spamming the web with links to your site is a good thing or even a very effective way to make your site more important and in fact I wrote a whole article about the RIGHT way to make money online.
That being said, link building still holds some effect even on 2017 although, other factors will move your site much further in the search engine search results (Content, Site Speed, Site Responsiveness).
As many people will still try to find the best way to make links to their sites, I will lay the best and cheapest way I know of in the following article.
There are many ways to get links to your site, the problem with most ways is that they cost too much or are too time consuming, thus you should look for a way which is cheap and hassle free.
The components you will need for the task are: Link builder toolThe above will need to have a way to create/find videos/images/articles/pdfs etc to submit to relevant sitesContent creator to get articlesText spinner so y…

Fast & Dirty Java GUI building on 2017

Java Gui of Choice (2017) So first of all, yes, Javafx is still a thing.
You want to build a gui for your Java application? You don't have many options, AWT, SWT and Swing are dead, JavaFX is the official way to go for a Java developer.
Yes, you can have an HTML gui for your java application, and that is a perfectly valid choice, which should be accomplished by using Vaadin or Apache Wicket, but those options force you to deploy your gui with a web server which could be uncomfortable for many a developer.
So JavaFX it is; Now, you can go around the web and learn how to use all of those plugins and wizards which will hide the simple mechanism of building a javafx gui or you can continue reading this post  :-)

JavaFX Installation/Configuration The first thing you will want to do is to download JavaFX SceneBuilder, the SceneBuilder is Oracle's official app for creating nice FXML files using simple drag and drop techniques. Although Oracle has open sourced this project and are ac…

Removing Viruses at 2017

Times have changed, in days past, a virus was a small program which would infect the memory when run and then it would infect other files it came in touch with.
Nowdays, viruses come in many flavors, there are the traditional viruses (do they even still exist?), worms, malware, spyware, ransomware among other types of unwanted small programs infecting your computer without you inviting them.
The distinction between those types of bad software is non relevant IMHO, all of those shouldn't exist and ideally I should have one tool to scrap them all.
But the reality is different, if you find some bad behaviour infecting your browser for example (a sticky not needed homepage or search engine etc) which tool do you need to start in order to eradicate it ?  maybe you will even end by googling it out and doing some manual labor in order to remove it (ridiculous as it is prone to error and to other hazards).
So, I hereby declare here my dissatisfaction of the current state of things and de…