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Raspberry Pie fueling a Picture Frame

 The goal is to have a simple picture frame. Just load a big bunch of pictures into a usb thumb drive, and fire up this raspberry pie + small screen in order to see a slideshow of these pictures. The final product will boot up straight to the slideshow, no need for mouse or keyboard, and the screen won't get to sleep mode. So the basic steps for the installation will be as follows Install OS on the microSD card Run the OS on the RPI Install the image viewer with slideshow mode Configure a batch file to run the image viewer with the right parameters Run the batch file at startup Configure the OS not to go to sleep mode The main component is the image viewer, there are many options for a command line image viewer pQiv - Best option as it has transitions (fade) between images feh - The most popular eog - Another option fim - Doesn't need a desktop X installed, so it is good for weak RPIs (But needs v0.6 and up for the --resolution 'fullscreen' mode) fbi - Doesn't need

Shared/Pro/Managed Hosting for your site - which to choose ? (NO AFFILIATE LINKS!)

 You buy a domain and want to start your site running, time to find your perfect hosting. This is one of our first steps, and might be your most crucial one. I won't tell you which hosting company to choose, I will attempt just to clarify the picture. What are your Hosting options ? Shared Hosting You can choose shared hosting - obviously this one will be the cheapest option. In this category you might even find free hosting options, with or without ads on your site. Although this option sounds great for beginners as it is cheap and is comes with many promises from the hosting company (unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space etc.), there are no free meals, and as you are not alone on this server ( shared hosting), you don't really know who your neighbors are. So nothing is guaranteed, you might have a neighbor which takes lots of bandwidth, so you will actually have less to use etc. You might have a malicious neighbor which will attempt to hack your site using the common host

Optimize a Wordpress Site (July/2022)

Wordpress is a very comfortable framework to create a site on. You automatically inherit a slew of amazing plugins which enable you to create many sorts of dynamic sites with statistics, admin site and many other benefits. But unfortunately, you also inherit many problems which come with the Wordpress installation. Just to name a few Wordpress is a heavy framework, instead of having a lean HTML/PHP site, you now have this monster you need to reign in. - I am talking optimization/speed wise Wordpress is very popular (it powers more than 30% of the internet sites as of today), so it is a target to many a hacker. Wordpress has lots of security issues as each plugin is created by a different developer and you won't know where the security breach came from. Wordpress is slow as it does lots of tasks behind the scenes (as it has lots of not-so-needed functionalities). So what are the initial steps one should do when creating a fresh wordpress site ? General Guidelines Make sure you have

Reset trial date of software (Crack Trial Limitations)

 You have a software with a trial of a limited time, but you need to use the software for another period of time, what can you do ? There are several ways to go about this one (You should try them by this order): You should begin with attempting to detect a known trial protection installed in this software, if it is of a known type then maybe there is a known hack for it. Attempt to change the date of the running software - not the date of the computer as a good hack should never interfere with your computer, the right way to go about this is to use Nirsoft's RunAsDate util , or use TimeStopper. Try to find the registry entry which has the installation timestamp - and remove it, for this one I would use Nirsoft's RegScanner  or RegistryFinder Uninstall the application completely (after uninstall also delete all registry entries) for this one I would use Bulk Crap Uninstaller , then install it from scratch Barring all of the above I would reinstall it on a new computer (or VM) a

Play Arcade Games on a Simple Setup at 2021 (October)

 You have the crave to play some quick arcade games, and you want to satisfy it when it comes without fussing with emulators, downloads etc. Just setup a basic small arcade home environment which you can jump to whenever you feel the need. Ingredients Raspberry pie (the brains of the system) SD card (storage of the OS + Roms) HDMI cable USB cable (power for the RP [or use the RJ45 for POE if you use RP 4 or later]) LAN (rj45), keyboard - needed for first setup Screen Joystick of your choice (8bitdo?) Supposing you have cables (hdmi, rj45, usb) lying around, and a screen to use as well as an SD card, then the only needed purchases are the actual raspberry pie and joystick, which don't accumulate to a lot of money. Raspberry pie Unless you want to emulate more modern systems (playstation 2 and up) then you can use a raspberry pie 3 (not even the plus version) and it will satisfy your needs without compromise. Please note that I do recommend buying the RP 3+ as if you will need it for

Modding my MGB-001 (Gameboy Pocket)

The gameboy pocket was a great product of its time and a nice upgrade from the original gameboy, and even today it is still lots of fun, but there are several aspects where it could get even better, these aspects can be upgraded using mods, I will put here the recommended mods in a nutshell. A quick note before the mods - The gameboy pocket is much smaller than it's parent the original gameboy thus it leaves minimal places for the mods, so I will have to pick only those mods which give me the most benefit with the minimal "cost" in shell space and complicated wirings. Switch to newer capacitors The MGB uses four electrolytic capacitors, these can easily be changed to newer ones renewing an important aspect of the MGB which tends to be problematic after several years I found several sellers which sell a gameboy pocket capacitor pack with these 4 needed caps - this may make your life easier, or you can just buy (aliexpress?) the following 4 capacitors and install them inste

Modding my DMG-01 (Original Classic Gameboy)

 The original gameboy was a great product of its time, and even today it is still lots of fun, but there are several aspects where it could get even better, these aspects can be upgraded using mods, I will put here the recommended mods in a nutshell. Bass Boost Mod This is a simple mod in which I will upgrade the capacitors from 1uF 50v to 10uF 50V. More Power To The Speaker In this mod, I have added a 470uF 10v capacitor to have more speaker power I suggest soldering to the legs of the capacitor two small wires (for each leg one wire), so you can place the capacitor in a place which will be the most comfortable for your gameboy. Speaker Amplifier (Louder Speaker) Rechargeable usb-c Battery (Battery which can be charged using a usb-c cable) Buy a usb-c charging board (TP4056?) and a 3.7v LI-ION battery (1300 mah?), Make sure you have 2 red wires, 1 black and one white 1. Remove all battery connectors from the gameboy case (Desolder 2 of them) 2. Solder red+white wires to left battery c