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Optimize a Wordpress Site (July/2022)

Wordpress is a very comfortable framework to create a site on. You automatically inherit a slew of amazing plugins which enable you to create many sorts of dynamic sites with statistics, admin site and many other benefits. But unfortunately, you also inherit many problems which come with the Wordpress installation. Just to name a few Wordpress is a heavy framework, instead of having a lean HTML/PHP site, you now have this monster you need to reign in. - I am talking optimization/speed wise Wordpress is very popular (it powers more than 30% of the internet sites as of today), so it is a target to many a hacker. Wordpress has lots of security issues as each plugin is created by a different developer and you won't know where the security breach came from. Wordpress is slow as it does lots of tasks behind the scenes (as it has lots of not-so-needed functionalities). So what are the initial steps one should do when creating a fresh wordpress site ? General Guidelines Make sure you have