Modding my DMG-01 (Original Classic Gameboy)

 The original gameboy was a great product of its time, and even today it is still lots of fun, but there are several aspects where it could get even better, these aspects can be upgraded using mods, I will put here the recommended mods in a nutshell.

Bass Boost Mod

This is a simple mod in which I will upgrade the capacitors from 1uF 50v to 10uF 50V.

More Power To The Speaker

In this mod, I have added a 470uF 10v capacitor to have more speaker power

I suggest soldering to the legs of the capacitor two small wires (for each leg one wire), so you can place the capacitor in a place which will be the most comfortable for your gameboy.

Speaker Amplifier (Louder Speaker)

Rechargeable usb-c Battery (Battery which can be charged using a usb-c cable)

Buy a usb-c charging board (TP4056?) and a 3.7v LI-ION battery (1300 mah?), Make sure you have 2 red wires, 1 black and one white

1. Remove all battery connectors from the gameboy case (Desolder 2 of them)

2. Solder red+white wires to left battery connector place (after removal of connector)

3. Solder red+black to the right battery connector

4. Now connect 2 wires to the charging board and 2 wires to the battery like the picture below

Backlighting the Screen

This backlight mod, although inferior to the next 2 backlight mods (where you just buy the whole backlit screen/panel/whole-board), is much much cheaper and is good enough, so this should be option A, if you fail and ruin the screen, goto one of those 50$ options

Please note that sometimes the last stage with the resistor is not necessary

This mod should also use the Bivert mod (both together get better backlighting and contrast results)

Bivert Mod

Method #2 & #3 of screen backlight

Buy the FunnyPlaying PCB board and replace the original with it.
But the RIPS v4 (OSD) board and replace the original with it.

These methods enlarge the screen size and get you much better backlighting but they cost you about 50$

PRO Sound Mod

This mod will disable the use of the original gameboy amplifier (for the headphones) thus get you better (stereo) sound quality, this mod can be used by drilling an additional hole into the gameboy case with a special PL3.5 jack, alternatively (and this is a much better option) - just just use the regular headphones jack for the PRO sound.

I tried this mod, but didn't get good results, so I currently can't recommend this whole heartedly.


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