Choosing your SmartWatch smartly

Specialized Watch or A General Purpose One ?

The first thing you should ask yourself is why do you want a smartwatch in the first place.

The answer to this question will help you identify which smartwatch is for you.

If you want one for upgrading your sleep, you should search for a specialized smartwatch with sleep and heart sensors.
If your need is for exercising and fitness, then by all means don't go for the general smartwatches, look for one which takes seriously your steps, heart rate and the rest of your fitness needs.

But if you want the smartwatch for the general reasons of getting notifications and other cool functionality then, go over the list of functionalities a smart watch might have, and mark the ones which are necessary for you, these will guide you to the right watch for you.

Smartwatch Functionalities

Phone Locator - Will cause your phone to ring so you can find it easily
Text messages - Notification and answering back
Social Media - Notifications and replying
Music Control - Browse between songs, volume control
App Eco System - So will have the option to download additional apps to your watch
Battery life
Remote Charging - So you won't need a microUsb hole access point on your watch
Touch screen - VS watch buttons
Display - Corning Gorilla, Good resolution
Changeable straps and bezel
IR - To control other devices in your house like the TV or the air conditioner

I advise you to fill a small table with the functions and the watches you consider to make the choosing process much smoother (The following contains several examples of smartwatches)

TicWatch C2
Amazfit GTR
Haylou LS01
Local Language

Locate Phone


Text Messages

Social Media


Music Control

Apps Store
OS Wear!

Battery Life
2 days 
 24 days
 14 days

Touch Screen

1.39 Inch,
326 PPI, 454*454
240 * 240

Changeable Straps







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