Setting Up the Perfect fMan for my Needs

fMan is the best file manager out there.

But as one of its best features is minimalism, some configurations are in order to make it more suitable to my needs.

So lets begin tweaking fMan to be the best file manager for my needs.

  1. Install fMan

Install Search Functionality

  1. Ctrl+Shift+P will bring up the command palette, "install a plugin"
  2. Install plugin: Search
Now you can search for any specific file from inside fMan by clicking CTRL+f7 (or command palette and search for "search").

Install Preview Functionality

  1. Install plugin: Preview (This enables previewing any file using f3)
  2. For the preview to work, you need to install a 3rd party previewer, so install QuickLook
  3. Now click on any file with the f3 key
  4. When asked for a preview utility, point it to: %localappdata%\Programs\QuickLook\QuickLook.exe
Enjoy this quick and amazing preview functionality (better than any other around), you can preview ANY file, be it a compressed file, exe, text or an image!

Global HotKey to start fMan

  1. For the global hotkey to work we will install a 3rd party app "AutoHotKey", I strongly suggest removing all global hotkeys from other apps and use a centralized place (AHK is the best option for this one as it is open sourced and specializes in this area) - AutoHotKey. We will run a script which will start fMan if it is closed, will minimize it if it is in focus and will bring it back to focus if it is behind an other window.
  2. Install AutoHotKey
  3. Create a script file for your global hotkeys with the .ahk extension (GlobalHotKeys.ahk ?)
  4. Edit it with the following:
; If fman is the currently active window, then we minimize fman.
; If fman is opened, but not focused, then we activate it.
; If fman is not opened, then we launch fman.
; Activate using: WINDOWS_KEY + E (replaces explorer shortcut)
if WinActive("ahk_exe fman.exe")
  WinMinimize, ahk_exe fman.exe
else if WinExist("ahk_exe fman.exe")
  WinActivate, ahk_exe fman.exe
  Run, %localappdata%\fman\fman.exe

Access fMan's Settings to tweak whatever you want

  1. Start command palette (Ctrl+Shift+P)
  2. "list plugins"
  3. "Settings"
  4. That's it, these files are quite self explanatory, set up your fMan


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