The Ultimate Utility Toolset

Are you called from time to time to fix friends' / neighbors' / family's computers?
Do you then pull your good old collection of cds each one containing a different utility you might need?

Well, those days are gone!
Today you need only carry a nice 8gb flash drive on your key chain.

What will it contain?
  1. Download the latest hiren's boot cd (currently 15.1 but it gets updated every now and then) from your favorite torrent site.
  2. Follow these orders (in the link) in order to format and make your flash drive bootable.  
  3. Copy the contents of the hiren's boot cd into the flash drive (as mentioned in the link above).
  4. You have just created a bootable hiren flash disk (and for those who don't know, hiren's boot disk is the best rescue disk you'll ever need).
  5. Download the portable apps app, install it on your computer and download every app you find handy. This stage could take some time and could get to 5gb of downloaded no installer freeware.
  6. Add needed apps from here (which aren't included in the original site).
  7. Copy the 5gb portable apps directory into the flash drive.
  8. You now have in your flash drive a very large amount of apps which work out of the box and can be run on every computer even one which doesn't have internet access.
  9. Add your special apps you always keep in your special directory, those apps which are not included on hiren's install nor in the portable apps install.
  10. Throw away the heap of rescue and utility cds you treasured so much.

After following the above steps, you need to carry only this tiny flash disk (on your key chain?) and you will never get stuck with a scratched cd.


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