Master of Magic - Game Remake

Do you remember this game?

I used to play it for days over days - really loved it.
So, for the sake of nostalgy I decided to search for the game in order to play it, to no avail, the game works only on a dos machine.
So i've tried playing it using a good DOS emulator: DosBox, but it didn't go well.

I searched harder and found a new version of Master of Magic which works on XP.

So, if you are suckers to nostalgy,
And if you have some spare time,
Give it a try.

The game can be downloaded from here: First part , Second Part .

The dos game is abandonware thus freeware,
The XP version is also freeware from Implode's site.



Anonymous said…
You can also make the original game work on XP if you configure the MAGIC.EXE to run in compatibility mode (right click on exe and use Compatibility tab -> Win95) - no DosBox needed here.

I could actually make it work even, leaving Compatibility unchecked. Just goto memory tab, check HMA, and put 4096 to EMS, XMS, DPMI.

A Random Browser
avi said…
Thanks for your comment.

Didn't check it, but I suppose you are right.

So whoever wants to play the original game, download the files and configure it as the anonymous user suggested, but if you want to play the game in multiplayer mode, use the new server/client files in order to play the upgraded game.


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