ZVR converter

Yesterday, a friend asked me to find him a ZVR sound file converter.
What's the problem? I asked...
Give me 5 minutes and i'll google it out.

Well, I was wrong, finding a decent converter isn't an easy task, it took me at least 7 minutes (kidding).

What's a ZVR file?
It's a dictation recorder output file, used by the korean SAFA company, their recording machine is used mainly to capture sound files using its microphone during class lessons or whenever one wants.

I just don't get it, why each company comes up with its own sound format?  grab a good and free existing audio format and stick to it!

The ZVR files are very small hence their low quality...
Anyway, a nice ZVR to WAV file converter was found.
It's an incredibly small file (140kb).



Anonymous said…
thanks, Avi.
Cristi (Bucharest)
avi said…
My pleasure Christi.

Enjoy your music.

Unknown said…
Hello. I saw this softwere on official SAFA webpage. Have you converter from WAV to ZVR?)I cant find this soft in russian internet, and English lang. I know very bad. Thanks)
avi said…
Sorry Roman,

I didn't find a MP3 -> ZVR converter.

I hope all of these players will record and play mp3 with no need to a new whackey format.
Unknown said…
Is it hard - make new converter?
avi said…
Sorry mate,

Can't help you there.

Even the previous converter I didn't create - I just found it in the internet after a thorough search.

Good luck.
Developper said…
I will share it with my other friends as the information is really very useful. Keep sharing your excellent work.mpeg ts video file converter

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