Reset trial date of software (Crack Trial Limitations)

 You have a software with a trial of a limited time, but you need to use the software for another period of time, what can you do ?

There are several ways to go about this one (You should try them by this order):

  1. You should begin with attempting to detect a known trial protection installed in this software, if it is of a known type then maybe there is a known hack for it.
  2. Attempt to change the date of the running software - not the date of the computer as a good hack should never interfere with your computer, the right way to go about this is to use Nirsoft's RunAsDate util, or use TimeStopper.
  3. Try to find the registry entry which has the installation timestamp - and remove it, for this one I would use Nirsoft's RegScanner or RegistryFinder
  4. Uninstall the application completely (after uninstall also delete all registry entries) for this one I would use Bulk Crap Uninstaller, then install it from scratch
  5. Barring all of the above I would reinstall it on a new computer (or VM) and would capture the whole installation process with 
  6. If nothing works, I would just create a new VM and install the trial on it till it expires, then rinse and repeat.


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