Backing Up Automatically your Wordpress Site

Shit happens, thus you want a good wordpress backup plugin for these bad situations.

What are the requirements from a backup plugin?
  • Automatic on schedule
  • Automatic before any update to the site (Optional)
  • Can save the backup to a remote location (S3 Amazon server)
  • Easy to use restore (Instead of just unzipping the files and importing the DB)
  • Standalone restore option (Optional) - So if the site got destroyed, you can still restore
  • Well maintained
  • Multisite support (Option to backup every mini site independently)
  • Comfortable price
So, after going over the candidates, I have removed non-relevant plugins which don't give me my minimal requirements, and it seems that the difference between plugins will actually be the following watered down requirements:
  • Automatic before site update (Called "Real time backup" in some places)
  • Standalone restore app
  • Good multisite support (to backup/restore specific site)
  • Price

My final candidates are:
WpVivid: (218 vs, 3), Multisite support (No minisite restore) on paid license 100$/life
UpDraftPlus: (3300 vs 170) 70$ for 2 sites/year for granular multisite support (yay)
BackWpUp: (800 vs 120), Supports multisite on free (No restore from dashboard, No minisite restore)
JetPack: Probably doesn't support multisite?, remote backup only to JetPack servers?

On a side note I will mention BackupBuddy which disappeared from the wordpress repository and can only be found on their site, can be found for 25$/year on GPL sites (unlimited sites?), I will check it only if the other alternatives won't be good enough (read some bad reviews about it on several sites so I will drop it for now).

I have a tough requirement which is multisite support, it seems that although WpVividPro & BackWpUp support multisite, they only do so by backing up the whole network! and they don't have the granularity of restoring & backing up a specific site, this is not good enough for me as if only one site is harmed and needs restore, I don't want to restore all of the multisite to a previous date and have every mini site lose a full day's data, it is just not acceptable.

Which leaves me with UpDraftPlus which does have sufficient multisite supprt.


For a good Multisite support I will suggest UpDraftPlus
For regular WP sites, choose your pick, I would go with UpDraftPlus or WpVivid though.


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