Reviving an old computer

You got an old computer to revive ?
Use the following steps to get the maximum from it:

Hardware Cleaning (dust)

Open the computer cover and use a vacuum cleaner, leaf blower or just blow hard with your own mouth all over the internals to make sure that as much dust gets off the computer (suggesting doing this procedure outside)

Fans oiling

After all dust is gone, it is time to oil the fans, get your favorite oiling spray (wd40 is my suggestion) and oil the joints of the fans you will find in the computer.

Make several spins of the fans while the oil is trickling into them to make sure they get oiled right.

[If after starting the computer and letting it run for several hours it seems there is a fan that doesn't start - replace it]

Formatting & Installing windows (Optional)

If you get to the conclusion that you want to format this computer (make sure you have a windows license handy), then the following steps will be unneeded.

In this case, I suggest using a partitioning tool to format all drives and remove unneeded partitions, then format the hard drives clean.

After the previous steps, use an original copy of windows to install the OS.

Uninstalling of old software

Use Bulk Crap Uninstaller to uninstall all unneeded crap in batch mode, then it will scan and remove all leftovers of these useless pieces of software you just uninstalled.

As an alternative, use GeekUninstaller.

Removing clutter

Use TreeSize to find folders with a lot of / big files, and decide what to do with these files.
Consider using a tool to find duplicate files (do you have a many pictures, many of which are duplicate?)

Then use BleachBit with the addition of Winapp2 for the best cleaning tool you will find around!

Please note that it is wise to remove clutter before searching for viruses, as it will remove lots of spammik files and will make the virus cleaners life easier.

Remove Viruses & Malware etc

Use my recommended anti virus/malware software to remove any trace of virus/malware etc.

Now use the geek uninstaller to uninstall those anti malware software you just used...

Optimize registry

Use Little Apps to delete clutter from registry then defrag the registry.

Defragging the Harddrives

Last step will be to defrag the hard drive/s, this step will make them faster (this step is not needed on SSD harddrives).

Use the internal windows tool or maybe try UltraDefrag as it is an open source tool

After these steps this computer will be usable again while achieving the best speed in its current state

[2022 Update]
  • Consider using Tron
  • Consider this article for disabling unused windows features etc


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