Essential Apps Every Windows User Should have in his Arsenal

As a general thumb of rule, I suggest installing the minimal number of applications on your windows system, if you are not sure you need it just don't install it.

The logic behind my above rule of thumb is that the more applications you have the more your windows system becomes/might become unstable and the more your registry becomes cluttered etc, windows has a very generous set of tools by default, so you might need to add just a minimal set of your own tools if that.

That being said, a good application can save you a lot of time and work, so those which are needed I encourage you to install, thus I am writing this blog post to introduce you to my minimal set of tools which make my life so much easier.

Each one of the tools I will write about deserves its own post comparing it to the competition, but this post will only focus on a list (with some descriptions) of the tools.

Must Have

As a file manager I suggest using fman, that is only if you work strongly on files all over your hard drive, if so, don't look at any other one (not total commander or far manager or any other norton commander clone).

As a text editor I recommend Sublime Text which is fast, has lots of features and is better than all of the competition (VSCode sways too much towards a full pledged IDE and Atom has its own set of flaws especially when editing bigger files).

In order to clean your disk go to bleachbit and its huge set of plugins and never look back, it is fully configurable and you can enable any cleaning plugin you want (from the hundreds it has) and it is heavily supported by the open source community while not having all of those spammy features the rest of the cleaning utils have.

As a fast launcher I recommend the excellent KeyPirinha which is super fast, has a very nice set of plugins and can do anything you will dream of it doing.

For a PortableApp application, I recommend the PortableApps application, this one will let you have hundreds of regularily portable apps which leave no trace on your computer, is nicely maintained with a very nice set of applications you will might want on your computer without leaving any trace on it.

Nice To Have

If you are using torrents, you will want to use PicoTorrent which is a very light weight torrent utility, I like it as it is fast, light, without any complications, if it is too feature poor for you then look no farther than QBTorrent.

Watching movies should be done with PotPlayer which is the best media player I found so far (although I am willing to hear other recommendations here).

And for your music hearing I suggest Foobar2000 which never failed me (Here also I am open to suggestions).

Web browsing is best done using Chrome.


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