Upgrade your site checklist

You already have a site - now you want to upgrade it, what should you do ?

  • Make it fast - preferably not having any server side code (no php etc) just plain html
  • Use Xenu to see that there are no broken links
  • Redirect your site to the www domain
  • Create a 404 page (or redirect to your homepage)
  • Make it responsive!

  • Reduce the size of the site components
  • Use GTMetrix to analyze then implement their suggestions
  • Use Google Page Speed to analyze then implement their suggestions
  • Don't stop implementing speed fixes according to the above analyses till you get above 90% speed score!

  • Add Analytics (google analytics)
  • Add Google webmaster tools
  • Create Sitemap (and submit it into google's webmaster tools)
  • Add a robots.txt file
  • favicon.ico (here or here)
  • Clean all html non validations (all pages)
  • Use WooRank chrome plugin and implement their recommendations
  • Backup your site
  • Backup your .htaccess file (against hackers)
  • Configure your server to GZip all of the contents
  • CDN

  • Get Social: Add a google+ Author
  • Add a Google+ page
  • Facebook, Twitter, Klout
  • Define in the site an author and a company using google's special tags


avi said…
Use WooRank chrome plugin and implement their recommendations
Anonymous said…
Also use:

on every page of your site
Anonymous said…
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